Out for a Swim


Nellie waiting patiently before the chase is on.

I have never seen as many people line the Fishin’ Pond as I did for the water dogs demonstration. Jarrett Manek, the naturalist at O’bannon Woods State Park brought along three of his canine friends. Boo, an Australian shepherd; Chelsea, an American water spaniel; and Nellie, a yellow lab.

Chelsea swimming with the popular duck decoy in her mouth.

There was nothing fancy about the demonstration, basically Jarrett would toss an object, usually a duck decoy and one at time the dogs would make their way into the water track down the object and bring it back to Jarrett. Boo and Chelsea are a bit older and therefore are a bit slower in their chase after the duck. But, Nellie on the other hand is a youngster and has a lot more energy to track down the decoy. In fact, after the demonstration was over, Jarrett continued to toss the duck into the water for Nellie to fetch.
– Don

Boo shaking hands with the faceless Jarrett Manek.


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