Stay safe Indiana – Wear It


Mark Farmer impressing the crowd with his vast knowledge of life preservers

The Wear It Indiana crew was out at the state fair led by conservation officer Mark Farmer. Patrons at the DNR building had a chance to sign up and win a $500 Bass Pro Shops gift card. By signing up the public gets a chance at the gift card and the conservation officers get a pledge that when out on the water boaters will indeed wear their life jackets.

Never a lack of interest in the Wear It Indiana display

The winner of the gift card will be drawn at the Hoosier Outdoor Experience at Ft. Harrison in September. Last year the prize went to 12 year-old Spencer Patton, who filled out his pledge card at the State Fair. Everyone that fills out the pledge card still gets a free gift, a t-shirt, a bag or a towel.

Life jackets have certainly come along ways. Every once in a while, when a large crowd gathered around, the conservation officers would demonstrate how their life jackets work. One looked like a fanny pack hanging around the waist and with the pull of a cord would inflate within two seconds. The other looked like a thick necklace that you would also pull and would thicken and expand out with air. Both are so easy to wear and not very intrusive at all. The life preservers we normally think of are a thing of the past.
– Don


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