There’s a “fly” on you…


Thank goodness for Patti Beasley and the other members of Reel Women – Reel Men of Indianapolis. Without them, I still wouldn’t understand the allure of fly fishing (Get it? ALLURE?…nevermind). I had always wondered how the back-and-forth motion used to cast could be successful at hooking a fish. When I was learning to fish, I used a similar motion, always to the annoyance of my uncle. Apparently you shouldn’t do that when reel-fishing. I’m far too impatient to wait out the bobber going under. After today, I think fly fishing might be right up my alley. And believe me, that back-and-forth motion is pretty darn successful. A young fair-goer and budding fisherman showed me that, no matter what age, you CAN become a successful fly fisherman pretty quickly.

At 4 years old, Luke might not have been your typical candidate for a skilled fisherman, but this kid gets my vote for rookie of the year. After reeling in a fish caught by Miss Patti, he cast the line like a pro (with a little help and instruction from Miss Patti herself, of course) and in no time at all caught his own fish: a pretty little bluegill-sunfish cross about 4 inches long. Watching Luke, seeing how easy it was for him to handle the full-size rod (which are surprisingly light), and seeing all the other ecstatic faces when they caught a fish, I’d venture to guess that fly-fishing is definitely a sport pretty much anyone can enjoy.

That’s all for now! Here’s what you can look forward to reading about tomorrow: Snakes Alive demo, Taste of the Wild Cookout (I’m so excited!), Roving Naturalist: Indiana Arachnids, Flint Knapping, and the ever-popular Take Flight Live Raptor Show. It’s a busy day, full of the weird and wonderful happenings at the DNR building at the 2010 Indiana State Fair: The Year of the Pig!
– Jess


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