Water dogs in action


Today, I stopped by the Fishin’ Pond and made three new friends; Chelsey, a 10-year-old American Water Spaniel; Sage, a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever and Boo, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd. All three female hunting dogs are owned by DNR naturalist Jarett Manek and his wife Jennifer.

Normally, Chelsey, Sage and Boo chase after birds and ducks when they go hunting. Today, at the Fishin’ Pond, they were demonstrating their love for all things wet and their ability to retrieve. These fabulous dogs love getting wet and retrieving tennis balls from the water. Today, they jumped into the pond several times retrieving rubber bumpers that Jarett threw into the pond. Their demonstration was short, but fascinating to watch. All of the dogs are very well-trained and did a great job jumping into the pond and bringing the bumpers back to Jarett.

One dog, Chelsey, had a small mind of her own, though. At the end of the demonstration, Jarett threw the bumper into the water for her retrieval. But Chelsey had decided she had enough of the water for one day and kept running around the pond trying to find a way to get the bumper without having to get wet. After a few attempts, she realized her efforts were futile and jumped in, bringing the bumper to Jarett. It was very fun to watch and the entire crowd enjoyed seeing this good-natured dog get the bumper.
– Dawn


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