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Michael Crews talks to the crowd at the DNR Amphitheater

Michael Crews talks to the crowd at the DNR Amphitheater

Around the DNR building, you will have no trouble finding something worthwhile to see. Today was no exception. I stopped in to see Michael Crews, Interpretive Naturalist at Lincoln State Park. Michael was talking to the crowd at the Amphitheater about Indiana wildlife during the time of Lincoln.

Did you know that Lincoln lived in Indiana in the early 1800s, from age 7-21? The landscape of Indiana was a lot different back then. Lincoln lived in what is today Spencer County, along the Ohio River. Back then, Indiana had a number of animals you would be surprised to see if you were traveling down the highway. Animals like black bears and bison once called Indiana home.

Today, I also stopped by the front porch of the DNR building and saw our friends from the division of Historic Preservation and Archeology. They were answering questions about renovating and caring for old homes.

What has become a family favorite was going on today as well – the SCUBA demonstration. Our Conservation officers do a great job teaching all future SCUBA divers the appropriate techniques and safety precautions. This always draws a big crowd. I think they could hold the demonstration twice a day and it would always be well attended.
– Don



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