Going to the dogs


Justice is a K-9 officer for DNR.

DNR K-9 Conservation Officers Jon Fennig and Ted Stein demonstrated their furry partners’ abilities at the 6 p.m. amphitheater show on Friday.

It was the last state fair show for Justice, Stein’s dog. At nearly 11 years old, the female Labrador retriever will be retiring from active service.

“In many ways she’s still a puppy,” said Stein, who plans to adopt Justice.

Abby is a member of the

Abby is a K-9 officer for DNR

Abby, Fennig’s dog, is about three years old. Both female Labrador retrievers enjoyed the audience attention as they were put through their tracking paces.

The dogs find illegal game, track people, and hunt for missing objects. Each has their own unique style, explained Stein. Using geese decoys, the officers demonstrated how the dogs detected animal meat and alerted the officers. Justice scratched; Abby barked.

During a demonstration of locating objects, Abby snuck several gulps of water from an aquarium at a nearby display. She quickly found the non-operational gun Fennig had buried in the weeds.

Reward for both animals was playtime with a toy.

Abby works the crowd

Abby works the crowd


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