Man’s new best friend

Tim Cordell shows the crowd a garter snake

Tim Cordell shows the crowd a garter snake

Some people love them, some people hate them. What are we talking about? Snakes. Tim Cordell, Potato Creek State Park’s interpretive naturalist shared some of his vast knowledge on snakes to the crowd at the DNR amphitheatre .

Half the crowd was eager and excited to see the snakes, the other half wasn’t exactly thrilled to be in the same zip code as the snakes. I have never been a snake guy, but with the chance to see and touch a snake up close, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to touch a snake.

You’re probably wondering what kind of snakes Tim was handling. Were they King Cobras, Pythons or maybe a child eating Boa Constrictor? Hold back your excitement, Tim brought a garter, a brown and a black rat snake. The snakes were friendly and not aggressive, and in Tim’s hands the whole time, which makes for the right combination for me to touch a snake.

Tim was kind of enough to tell a classic snake handlers joke instead of doing the joke on us. He would bring an empty cage and pretend the snake got out and ask the crowd to look for it. At which point the audience would freak out. My blood pressure is high enough with all this fair food. Thankfully, he didn’t pull that on us and the snakes were right where they should have been.
– Don


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