Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

DNR's fire specialists

DNR's fire specialists

One of the demonstrations I attended today was a pyromaniacs dream (or nightmare). Three of DNR’s fire control specialists showed the fans, yours truly and our own blog photographer and member of Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps (YHCC) Becky Webb, some of the cool tools of the trade.

We saw axes and fire proof clothing, the standard stuff. What I really enjoyed is the fire starter. These people have the unique job of actually starting fires. Not just small backyard fires. We’re talking hundreds of acres. This fire starter is used to burn the land and in time the vegetation grows back and becomes even better land.

One other cool tool is the water bag. The water bag is like a backpack style super soaker water gun. If you are ever in a water gun fight with someone and they have a water bag, turn around and run away. Unless it’s really hot outside and you want to get drenched with water, like today.

Speaking of water, the other demonstration I attended was the SCUBA exhibition. One of DNR’s conservation officers donned the wetsuit and hopped in the fishin’ pond. When conservation officers go for a dive, it’s usually under bad circumstances. They are searching for missing persons or missing evidence. Also, they have to dive under the worst of conditions dark water, frozen water and nasty water. Not fun stuff.

What was fun was seeing the excitement of the kids (future conservation officers) in attendance as they saw the SCUBA gear up close.

Outdoor Indiana magazine did a cover story on the use of fire as a tool in their recent issue.
– Don


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