Carnivore’s delight


The Taste of the Wild cookout was my stop for today. Since I am a big fan of meat (well food in general) a cookout is hard to pass up.

This is a unique cookout because you are not going to find a lot of these meats at your local supermarket. Meats such as turtle, deer and beaver, yes beaver.

After I tried beaver, I discovered why you are not going to find it at the supermarket. If it weren’t soaked in BBQ sauce, more than one bite wouldn’t have made it into my belly.

One common meat that I liked that all of us meat eaters have had before was turkey. Only this turkey wasn’t cooked in the oven or in a deep fryer, it was cooked in the ground. The cooks dig a hole and, using coals and rocks, create an oven-like environment underground. Then they cover the hole up and let the turkey bake for a couple hours. Finally, like only Mother Nature can produce, out comes a nicely cooked delicious bird for us to enjoy.

The turkey was good, but my favorite item was the salmon. You’re probably wondering, “Of all the delicious meats, why is fish your favorite?” I came into today with an open mind and an open mouth. I was going to try anything and everything. And the salmon won me over. (Maybe I was biased after all.)

To all of you out there wondering where you can get your hands on some beaver, good luck finding it at your favorite restaurant. You’ll just have to stop by the Taste of the Wild cookout next year.
– Don


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