Cruisin’ around the Fishin’ Pond

Kids piloting remote control boats at the fishin' pond

Kids piloting remote control boats at the fishin' pond

The state fair has finally arrived. DNR has a huge presence at the state fair – everyday multiple events are happening. It can be quite difficult to choose what to see first.

Today, I made my way to the fishin’ pond for a little motor boatin’ excitement. Remote controlled motor boatin’ to be more specific. As the oldest driver (by far) of the motor boats, I felt like I had an advantage over the youngsters, after all most of them rolled up in their strollers. Upon taking control of the remote, I knew it would be a piece of cake to drive the boats. After all, I am no stranger to remote controlled cars. Both cars and boats go forward, backward, left and right, so I felt good that I would have an accident free experience. But I was wrong.

Things were going well. I had good command of the boat, and then it happened. The pond wall is what happened. My boat was on course for a major run-in with the concrete wall. I hit the wall, colliding at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. It was more like two miles per hour, but by the time I hit the brakes, I realized boats don’t have brakes, and smacked into the wall. I bet you’re thinking it smashed into a million pieces. And I had to clean the pieces out of the pond. And I got reassigned so I couldn’t cause any more trouble. At least that’s what I was thinking right before it hit the wall.

The boat hit the wall and continued to operate just fine, thankfully. I gave up my turn behind the wheel and said goodbye to driving boats. For the next two hours the remote controlled boats hit the concrete wall somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred times. That’s to be expected; after all, the average age of the kids driving the boats is about five. Now that day one’s adventures are over, stay tuned as the excitement continues tomorrow.


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