Bloggin’ from the Fairgrounds


            Hi, I’m Katy Green, a summer intern with the DNR Division of Communications, and this is my State Fair blog.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities at the Indiana State Fair: which nauseating ride to hop on, which inappropriately fried food to snack on (and then regret later), which game to lose 15 bucks trying to win.

Really, the choices are endless.

But don’t forget to consider the various fun stuff  going on in and around the Natural Resources Building. Information booths litter the floor of the NRB, and lining the walls are tanks filled with Indiana species of fish, turtles, and – much to my creeped-out chagrin – snakes. We’ll get into that more on a later date, I’m sure.

I made a point of stopping by the Indiana Heritage Trust booth to speak with Walter Grassi of smart center Indianapolis, and definitely learned some things about these gas-powered but extremely efficient cars that will hit U.S. streets in January.

Pairing the Smart Car with the Heritage Trust environment license plates was an intentional move says Grassi, who urged people to purchase the plates in combination with the vehicle as the ultimate symbol of being and thinking green.

On the Front Porch, Steve Knowles, property manager at Falls of the Ohio State Park, showed off his prowess in the art of bird calls with the Waterfowl of Indiana presentation. His knowledge of waterfowl was almost staggering, which comes in handy when fairgoers stop by with questions about nagging Canada geese.

Right smack beside Steve was Bett Etenohan, who staffed the craft part of the table. Possibly the cutest kids attending the State Fair were working on a Native American craft that looked sort of like origami ducks but made of cattails. Etenohan explained that bigger versions of the craft were once used for hunting while the small ones served as toys for kids.

Although waterfowl was a one-time deal, other Indiana wildlife and phenomena will be featured in future programs, so seriously, make time to visit the Front Porch and maybe even sneak in to see the rest of the Natural Resources Building.

– Katy


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